The American company Ergodyne, leader in the Work&Safety market, and French company Michelin, have come together to develop Trex® Spikeless Traction Device, a device that you can wear on your own shoes, which guarantees safety, flexibility, grip, and traction on all icy and snow-covered surfaces, destined for use both outdoors and indoors.

The revolutionary innovation of Trex® Spikeless Traction Device is the result of spikeless traction technology. Michelin used Michelin X-Ice winter driving tires as the inspiration in designing the sole and compound, guaranteeing maximum grip and traction even without traditional spiked cleats, while combining the performance of an outdoor sole with the performance of those destined for indoor use, thereby avoiding the need to constantly “take off and put on”, which is obligatory for shoes fitted with cleats.

The main features of Trex® Spikeless Traction Device include excellent distribution of pressure through micro-pumps, which maintain a high level of adherence with the surface, while increasing traction on icy surfaces. The “block sipings” design of the tread creates additional surface area for guaranteeing an increased grip on snowy surfaces. Strategically placed grooves allow for efficient water evacuation upon contact with wet surfaces. The support of rubber around the sole allows the user to walk on delicate surfaces like indoor floors, without scratching them. A one-piece design with an adjustable elastic cord cinches tight to boots and shoes for a secure fit.

“When we first began working on this project, Michelin immediately came to mind – declared Tom Votel, President and CEO of Ergodyne – Michelin’s know-how in developing winter driving tires was fundamental in the design of Trex® Spikeless Traction Device. Revolutionary technology in this segment was necessary and, thanks to the collaboration with our product managers and the designers of Michelin Soles, the result was surprising and beyond our expectations”.