Founded in 1893 in Costa Masnaga, in the province of Lecco, Limonta is a company with over 130 years of solid family tradition, which has grown and evolved over the years in an area claiming one of the longest surviving textile traditions.

With an ever-present focus on creativity and research onto excellence, this company specialised in the integration between chemicals and textiles, today represents a point of reference in the Italian textile industry with expertise that ranges from apparel to accessories, footwear, upholstery, and sports.

In the safety industry, Limonta also represents a reality of reference thanks to the proposal of a line of top-notch high quality products with innovative technical features. Tradition, innovation, and the possibility to personalise fabrics are the key factors guiding and orienting the company’s production in this sector.

In particular, Limonta has exclusively created the SAFELIM line, developed on both a microfiber and polyurethane base, through an eco-sustainable process. The line is specifically studied for the work world. In fact, the shoes made from these materials satisfy the strictest international safety standards and can be used in a number of different work environments: from food processing to chemicals, from the metallurgic industry to construction. High breathability combined with complete resistance to water penetration in dynamic conditions (like for example when walking for an hour in water), guarantee the perfect combination between comfort and performance.

Now as then, passion, creativity, and innovation are the levers that guide and orient the Group’s production, with an ever-present special focus also reserved for Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, both in the processes and product. Limonta, in fact, constantly invests in productive technologies of low environmental impact, contributing to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, producing electrical energy internally through three photovoltaic installations and a cogeneration plant, while recycling all of its product waste, reusing it, or disposing of it in a sustainable way.


·         Micro – PU

·         Made in Italy

·         Reach Regulation

·         S1-S2 standards

·         High resistance to abrasion

·         High resistance to Bally flexing

·         Antibacterial certification

·         Waterproof

·         Resistant to vegetable oils, liquid foods, and animal substances  

·         Autoclave sterilization

·         Printable with inkjet technology

·         EN ISO 9001:2008