Fal Calzados de Seguridad S.A., which is cutting-edge in research and innovation in the field of health and safety, has presented an important innovation to post-pandemic society: new footwear models that incorporate a Helse sole, made from a compound incorporated in the formula of the rubber, which is able to eliminate bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. Helse is accordingly a sole that can act as an effective barrier against viruses and bacteria, thanks to its biocides, which provide health, safety, and reassurance to workers. Viruses and bacteria in fact have the ability to survive outside of living beings and maintain their infective powers for hours or even days depending on the surface on which they are deposited. The Helse sole, unlike normal soles, is self-decontaminating within a period of 4 hours, thus avoiding the spread of viruses and bacteria, while ensuring maximum safety to the worker. These properties are maintained for the entire lifespan of the sole. The Helse soles used by Fal Seguridad in its footwear, have successfully passed the tests of virucidal activity (ISO 21702) and antimicrobial activity (ISO 22196): the average number of infected units recovered from testing materials and controls of reference in the period of 4 hours, were in fact reduced by 99%.