For over 50 years, the Formificio Milanese Team has been enthusiastically dedicated to the needs of their customers from the design of the shoe last through to its production, using the most advanced technologies and production systems to guarantee a very high-quality product. The FMT exports to over 30 countries and collaborate with external studios to respond competently and professionally to requests for customized projects. In the safety sector, thanks to considerable acquired experience, FMT develops the models with the toe cap adaptation using high precision design systems, considering all the thicknesses required by the customer with digital checks of thickness. In order to ensure maximum precision between the model/file and the resulting shoe last for both traditional systems and including highly automated ones, all shoe lasts are produced using NC machines. The injection shoe-lasts are managed from the onset by the cad office which positions the plate on the file, the shoe-lasts are worked using the references of the plate for finishing the shape, guaranteeing maximum precision in all aspects of the Shoe-Last inside the mould. Special manufacturing techniques are available, such as a gasket around the bite line, special plates for clamping, special manufacture on the shoe-last, different coloured material, Last holders for Injection machines etc.