The Sammi Innovation Lab is where all the products par excellence of Sammi are produced. It is here that digital processes support the development of projects by applying an exclusive formula, where a virtual simulation is presented through a mix of hardware and software. Today, Sammi opens the doors of this structure to its clientele, offering them its innovative technologies and expertise of the highest level through special consulting services.

From this same forge of ideas, the latest Metal-Free series of hooks has been launched, combining research, design and quality with special attention to environmental impact along the entire productive chain. Sammi, in fact, is the first sector company to have obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification, while undertaking a pathway that increasingly embraces an eco-sustainable vision of metal accessories in support of the sector’s leading trends.

By always riding the wave of eco-sustainability, which by now pervades every area of the productive world of footwear, Sammi also creates eyelets in 100% recycled nylon with the possibility of mounting them with automatic machines.

WINCH-dial lacing system is instead the brand that identifies the Sammi lacing system of loops and wires. With different shapes, applications, and personalisations, it becomes a qualitatively perfect product for use in the safety, cycling, general sports, and orthopaedic footwear industries.


Finally, the Tuscan company proposes a completely metal-free, high quality, version of a quick-release bodkin: a timeless product of the Sammi catalogue studied ad hoc to meet all the present-day needs of safety footwear.