The Siretessile division of laminated technical fabrics revamps its look, giving life to the Sire-Tex brand dedicated to all the products created by the company for the world of footwear, apparel, upholstery, and numerous other sectors. Sire-Tex is made up by a group of technicians and collaborators who have full control of all production processes: from the choice in raw materials to the laminating processes, from tests on materials to communications, all the way up to sales. At the centre of this work is a Research & Development department, which today more than ever before strives daily to propose innovative and high-performance fabrics capable of satisfying the quickly changing needs of the market.

For the Safety sector, and in order to reply to the numerous demands for safety by those working in certain environments, Sire-Tex has developed two specific conductive materials for the production of insoles used in ESD footwear that do not require stitching. Both products go above and beyond the requirements of the new CEI EN 61340-5-1:2016 safety standard for the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomenon (ESDS). The first, known as Inject, is created exclusively for those who produce injected polyurethane insoles, with the possibility of personalising in accordance with the needs of the customer who will then manufacture the final product. The other, Thermoform, is characterised by a high-density rubber structure and has been created for the production of thermoformable insoles, with various possibilities of lamination with linings, including those that are personalised in accordance with the customer’s needs. Both these materials can be combined with a wide variety of conductive linings: Sun Silver with its silver yarn, Iron Star and Steel with their steel yarns, and Terry with its conductive treatment.

Another area in which the company has invested significantly is research onto materials and fabrics that are eco-sustainable and recycled. Among these, the Research and Development team has conceived two different waterproof and breathable membranes: Circle Membrane, created using polyester recovered from industrial textile waste, and Gea Bio Membrane, made from polyamide and organic material. These membranes can be laminated with various eco-friendly fabrics and wools.

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