To reply to the increasingly specific needs of workers operating in environments with a high degree of risk or discomfort, Siretessile studied four new materials for conductive insoles with patents currently pending that are especially suited to ESD footwear. All these products comply with the new safety standard CEI EN 61340-5-1:2016 on the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena (ESDS).   

First is Thanos, designed for those requiring an antibacterial material that is also conductive thanks to silver thread. It is cuttable, anti-odour and with a high resistance to abrasion.

Next is Flash, made from a printed conductive and cuttable fabric, which is ideal for customizing linings with brand logos and for having an anti-odour product.

Inject, instead, has been exclusively created for clientele specialised in polyurethane direct injection onto insoles, with the possibility of using different kinds of lining in accordance with the requirements of the customer, who will then produce the end product.

Finally, Thermoform, structured with high-density rubber, is ideal for the production of thermoformable insoles, offering various possibilities for bonding with linings.

Next to these kinds of materials, the Siretessile Research and Development Department maintains in its collection, which is fine-tuned over time to meet the needs of the market, other kinds of insoles like Freno, Modelmemory and Clorofilla, which are also dedicated to the safety industry.

Freno is made from an antistatic foam, with the possibility of including antibacterial treatment, which absorbs and releases sweat, while underneath the special print guarantees an excellent grip. A material that exceeds the requirements of the EN ISO 20344 (04) standard.

Modelmemory Giga, a thermoformable material with memory foam and viscose felt, which guarantees the highest degree of sweat absorption and maximum comfort, is perfect even for those individuals working in cold environments.

Clorofilla, designed for those who work in environments where a high degree of hygiene is required, is made from an antibacterial foam that absorbs shocks and a mesh with high resistance to abrasion made from nylon.