Tradition, solid know-how, innovation, and an understanding of the markets of reference are the elements ever-present in the Tecno 2 technological offering, which has always been aimed at simplifying and optimizing productive processes in a digital and smart key. Its machines combine an excellent quality/price ratio with the high quality of the materials used guaranteeing high work precision and durability, with attention to the security of machines in accordance with CEE directives. At the same time, the high productivity guarantees and preserves the quality of the product, and the company provides both pre and post-sale technical assistance.

For the safety shoe industry, brand new to its range is the ISG21 pressing system based on an innovative process of water pressing that does not require templates or mechanical adjustments, protecting any pressed component, since the pressure is applied gradually without shocks. A winning technology that is based on rectangular basins that are one-of-a-kind worldwide and easy to use by operators, thanks to the dedicated software that follows the installation, use, and maintenance. Rapid and precise, ISG21is the ideal machine for safety footwear and for all technical footwear, as well as for any bonding process in sole factories of technical soles and various components.

Next to this technology, Tecno 2 re-proposes two of its top-of-the-range machines for safety/technical footwear: the T30/1 and the T77A. A pneumatic press for footwear and boots with double membranes to attach walled soles, the T30/1 is characterised by high productivity – 600 pairs produced every 8 hours -, limited consumption and reduced dimensions, taking up a minimal amount of space. The T77A pneumatic vulcanizing machine for the vulcanization of rubber soles directly onto the upper, is suited also to the production of military shoes, as well as sports and safety shoes, with automatic rising of male mould with temporized descending, and the automatic opening and closing of mould rings: the machine Pressure is 6150 kilos at 10 Atm, with a power of 4800W, and air consumption of 440 litres at 10 Atm per pair per each working cycle.