Ergonomic of S1 safety footwear passes through breathability to optimize the feeling of thermal well-being of the users. It is particularly felt not only in Countries with a warm climate such as those of Southern Europe, but also, and above all, in those of Northern Europe, where work takes place in heated environments. Up to now, uppers of Airmesh 3D materials have been used, but they often have the physiological problem of breaking at the flex point of the vamp.

To meet this need, Lenzi Egisto® has developed SPORT AIR, a line of textile materials designed to ensure maximum breathability, with excellent mechanical resistance, in particular to flex. SPORT AIR textiles use monofilament warp, similar to fishing threads, which guarantee minimum water absorption, maximum resistance to abrasion and bending. It is then possible to weave them by weaving Recycled yarns, PU Tek yarns, and also designs of jacquard engineered uppers.