Tradition, an understanding of the market of reference, innovation and progress in a digital key, and smart technology represent the mission of TECNO 2: the company from Vigevano constantly strives for the simplification and optimisation of productive processes, so as to guarantee an excellent service to clientele. The machines produced by Tecno2 combine an excellent price/quality ratio with high quality materials that guarantee precision and durability, a high productivity that manages to ensure a quality product at the same time, and respect for European safety standards.

For safety footwear, TECNO 2 proposes three innovative technologies where these aspects find maximum expression, with an eye to reducing consumption. The hydraulic universal sole press T/72

is at the top-of-the-line in its proposals: with 4.0 HMI (Human-Machine Interface) technology, it is fitted with a digital touchscreen that makes setting up, saving, and recalling programs easy, while also guaranteeing the monitoring and control of the machine’s parameters and of the productive standards, and offering the possibility of receiving remote assistance. Its hydraulic sectors retain and memorize the footwear outline, while offering multiple and separate working pressures on sole, waist, and heel. At the same time, it is fitted with an inflatable cushion to press jourdan soles. For the pressing of footwear and boots with boxed soles, Tecno2 instead proposes the T30/1 one-station pneumatic press with double membranes, which is characterised by high productivity (600 pairs every 8 hours), a reduced consumption, and reduced dimensions.

The new range is wrapped up by the T77A pneumatic vulcanizing machine to vulcanize rubber soles directly on the upper suitable for the production of military boots, sport shoes, and safety shoes, with automatic rising of male mould with temporized descending, and automatic opening and closing of moulds rings. The machine pressure is 6,150 kgs at 10 Atm, with a power of 4800 W, and an air consumption of 440 Litres at 10 Atm per pair per each working cycle.

Thanks to the company’s great understanding of problems inherent to the footwear product, including safety shoes, Tecno2 can reply to all the demands of a clientele that is exacting and attentive: this is the reason why its products, a guarantee of quality and competence, are sold around the world.