Founded in 1974 in Padua, Moro Minuterie is specialised in the production of durable metallic accessories with a functional design, which have found an extensive market also in the safety industry. In a scope of constant innovation, the company is focusing in particular on metal-free plastic accessories, which are increasingly in-demand since they are suited to all safety footwear used in the electrical and airport sectors, in the military, but also for those manufacturers looking to have their products stand out from traditional metallic accessories. In terms of function, the advantages of metal-free plastic materials include resistance combined with lightness, with the latter representing a key feature in all sectors where lightweight footwear is a determining factor. Other advantages include a meticulous design and fast application, with a subsequent savings in costs. Altogether, the result is a completely new product, with an innovative look capable of providing added value to footwear. Metal-free plastic accessories in particular are chosen for use in environments protected by metal detectors or subject to special care because they guarantee thermal and electrical insulation, are rust-free, and are resistant to acid and atmospheric agents, while offering colour retention over time. The special plastic material with which the metal-free accessories are made allows for cold application both manually and with an automatic machine, both for the metal-free plastic eyelets (pre-holing is not needed) and for the metal-free plastic hooks and speed-laces that are to be applied with a metal-free plastic rivet, and there is no memory effect (the return of the accessory to its original shape) after application. In addition, expensive dedicated machinery is not required for cold application (as is the case for hot application) as it is sufficient to tool your hand-operated press or your automatic machine with the specific punch.