One of the fields of application for Italsaplast technology is antibacterial TPU. Not a lot of people know that certain kinds of thermoplastics are used in the food and healthcare industries, because of their antibacterial power. In recent years, the chemical industry has in fact developed additives which, when added to thermoplastic resins, can prevent bacterial load.

On the market, there also exist various kinds of antimicrobial agents: the first classification is of organic and inorganic antimicrobials. Among those that are organic, one of the most widely used is triclosan; while among the inorganics, the most popular ones used are with a silver base: both are extensively antibacterial. These kinds of materials can be used in multiple applications: in the world of footwear, they can be used to produce those components exposed to the most amount of bacteria, the sole. The use of these additives does not alter the technical or aesthetical features of the product.

Italsaplast uses its solid know-how to also offer other innovative and technical solutions to the safety footwear sector that are in perfect equilibrium between the safety standard requirements of reference and the demand for comfort. The use of thermoplastic rubbers (TPU, TPE, TR, and PVC) allows for the production of components capable of personalising footwear, while conveying a strong aesthetical impact with full respect for the technical features, thanks to the exploration of new solutions, matchings of colours, different densities, and expert use of three-way multi-component injection moulding technology.

Among the products developed by Italsaplast, we find insoles and components for anti-slip footwear, washable and sterilisable at high temperatures, in order to reply to the needs of the medical and food-related industries. The meticulous care taken with the components and Made in Italy production allow for the highest standards in shoe construction, guaranteeing suitable protection, thanks to the use of an iron toecap and antistatic materials.