U Power

Red Lion returns energy

Leader in safety footwear and occupational apparel, U Power presents the revolutionary line of Red Lion footwear that provides a 55% energy return with each step taken. With its patent pending approval, the line has a construction that ensures safety, while also offering the wearer an anti-fatigue effect at the same time. The design, very similar to normal athletic footwear, is striking, making it a pleasure to wear even after work.



Innovation, quality and comfort

This Italian company offers a vast range of safety and occupational footwear to reply to the diversified needs of various work sectors. Innovation, quality, and comfort are its strong suits, which are renewed in the proposal presented at the fair. Extending across 40 thousand square metres, its production facilities in Trani use only the most advanced technologies, with direct inject machines for soles in PU, PU-TPU, and PVC, and a production capacity of more than 8000 pairs per day.



When heritage merges with technology

Lightness, comfort, and performance define the new Garsport Heritage lines powered by Michelin® Technical Soles. With an exclusive design, a combination of technical and S1 and S3 certified materials are used in accordance with the kind of use and the needs of the end customer. The shoes are then fitted with a Michelin® Heritage sole and EVA midsole, which ensure lightness and exceptional slip-resistance, alongside anti-static properties and resistance to heat (HRO) and oils/acids, making them suitable for a wide variety of uses.



Lenzi Egisto

Resistance in a thread

The innovative fabrics presented by the Italian company at the fair are used in the construction of the most innovative safety footwear. Thanks to PU Tek technology, Egisto Lenzi has developed a new concept of thread with a super resistance to abrasion, since it is directly sewn into the fabric, thus guaranteeing exceptional performance. The preferred design is honeycomb: ISO 12947 certified, it passed the test with flying colours, and was subsequently subjected to the most aggressive testing possible with sandpaper, UNI EN388, while once again confirming its high degree of resistance.




Scuff Caps Evo, daily safety

From the sports to the safety world with innovative solutions, Scuff Caps Evo was a protagonist at the fair: thanks to an outdoor design combined with the sophisticated know-how of its “off road at home” boot, it offers the highest degree of comfort. Among the solutions that guarantee performance and reliability in fighting daily risks are the HRO rubber sole and extra-volume in the fiberglass toe-cap. Lightweight, with an extra-long dust-flap on the tongue stops the penetration of dirt and the formation of uncomfortable pressure points, this shoe has a YKK zip with Velcro on the side that allows it to be taken off quickly. Last, but not least, it is reinforced by TPU in the heel.



Impulse… in lightness

Albatros presented dual.IMPULSE, a line of ultra-light safety footwear that employs the use of IMPULSE.FOAM® intelligent technology, thus offering a unique feeling of comfort that is without equal: maximum shock-absorption, energy return, excellent stability, extraordinary support, and a superior design… characteristics that make it a unique accessory for work. For extra comfort, the footwear of the line also features a breathable and hypoallergenic insole, which supports the entire foot and is anti-shock in the areas of the heel and the forefoot.




With Zen Sole, equilibrium and stability

Solutions for safety since 1982: Panther proposes a vast range of safety footwear at the fair that combines safety with comfort. Made from the most technologically advanced high-end materials, the morphology of the foot is always respected, thanks to a meticulous design and the shape of the midsole with memory foam. Lightweight, they are in any case completely safe, thanks to inserts and anti-shock devices.

The new Zen Sole guarantees the best homeostasis, a process of regulation that allows equilibrium to be maintained, while affecting biomechanical, motor, postural and sensorial functions, which improve the foot’s comfort and reduces the stress of the wearer.



Le Maitre

Carbon X-Lite, lightness in the limelight

The French company presents the Carbon X-Lite line: leading technological innovation at the service of safety. Le Maitre safety footwear features carbon fibre toe-caps that have been modified by the aeronautics industry to occupy a minimum amount of space, with ultralight, heat-proof, and non-magnetic properties. The soles and insoles are fitted with all the necessary safety devices, while maintaining an ever-present feeling of comfort, thanks to the focus on features like lightness, flexibility, and stability.




Superflex, safe without fatigue

Forty years of experience in the safety footwear industry have gone into the creation of the Superflex line. Inspired by athletic footwear, but characterised by a high degree of lightness, Superflex shoes guarantee a strong grip and comfort at the same time, thanks to the reinforcement provided by foam in the heel and collar areas of the shoe. Moreover, the insole is breathable and there is a thick layer of EVA foam. 100% non-magnetic, Superflex shoes were conceived to favour frequent and daily use without tiring the wearer out, thanks to a seamless construction under the foot.


Tiger Grip

Complete grip

Slipping is a thing of the past thanks to the overshoes of Tiger Grip, which starred as protagonists at the fair: flexible with an exceptional adaptability to every shoe type and comfortable to use, they are resistant to outdoor weather conditions, are hygienic, and have a long lifecycle… The aluminium and titanium alloy shell guarantees exceptional adherence and is anti-perforation: ideal for those working in the restaurant industry, agricultural-foodstuffs industries, on industrial surfaces, in pharmaceutical companies, and in places where there is a risk of slipping. In addition to the complete shell, Tiger Grip also proposes solutions with straps that perfectly conform to the shape of the foot.




Safety arrives in the world of motorcycles

Specialised in the production of safety footwear for the military and armed forces, at the fair, Jolly presents a new boot with superior features: the 7010/GA ankle boot for public security officials who use motorcycles on the job. Its features include perfect stability, protection of the malleolus and tibia (additional requirements of the EN 13634 safety standard), maximum water resistance regardless of the weather conditions, and excellent breathability for daily use. They also comply with EN ISO 20347:2012 and EN 3646:2017 requirements. Plus, they are lightweight and comfortable!



Diadora utility

Well-being and style in the name of safety

Research on safety as well as on well-being and style. Diadora Utility presents two safety footwear models made from technical fabric with a striking style, which guarantee performance and safety in work environments at the same time. D-strike Weave Mds and Beat II Textile Low are both low-cut S1P safety models, with the former in polyester fabric and the latter with TPU encapsulation; in addition to Mass Damper technology, they are fitted with an aluminium toe-cap for impacts up to 200J, dual Air Mesh layer, K. Sole, with TPU film, Air Mesh lining, and removable insole in latex with active carbon and EVA-finished heel. For a lightweight kind of safety.



Quality control for safety

A bona fide giant in the safety industry: Cofra has expanded its selection of safety footwear to include gloves and apparel items. In its Barletta and Albanian production facilities, 7 thousand workers produce 9 thousand pairs of shoes per day. High quality products tested in the chemical and physical laboratories of the company and certified in accordance with the strictest safety standards, have allowed Cofra to acquire the ISO 9001 certification of Bureau Veritas and Accredia. Control over the entire footwear production cycle allows Cofra to realise a high-end range of safety footwear of the highest quality for every kind of job. Shoes, like those presented at the fair, which combine safety with comfort and –why not? – also style, as in the case of the model pictured here.



Uvex 2 receives the “Plus X Award”

The French company wins the challenge of lightness and comfort with its new Uvex 2 series. Shock-absorption, perfect ergonomics, and excellent thermal regulation, Uvex 2 optimises on-the-job performance by introducing a bona fide revolution in the world of safety footwear. Winner of the “Plus X Award”, in the category of ‘Best Product of the Year 2017’, Uvex 2 comes available in two versions, microfiber or full-grain, with PU/PU or PU Vibram® sole.

Ultralight and weighing less than 500 grams, thanks to the lightness of the microfiber that is also waterproof, Uvex 2 footwear has an excellent shock-absorption system that protects, while at the same time lightening the load of the wearer.



When you know the foot

Outdoor and indoor safety footwear for the food, healthcare, and gardening industries… Wock uses state-of-the-art patented technologies in its footwear. The Steri-Tech™ compound is used in work areas requiring high hygienic standards, with antimicrobial, odour resistant, antistatic and impact-resistant properties. Freelite™ is instead lightweight and comfortable, antimicrobial and odour-free technology for hygienic and extremely flexible footwear. Evergrip™ rubber with its exclusive chemical formula has a tread that offers an improved grip. Walk Soft™, with nature at your feet, offers comfort and resistance, softness and the resilience of cork. Finally, there is Grid Design™, the geometric grid, which with its different textures, results in the very best shock-absorption system. Thus, Wock confirms its claim of “know your shoes, know your foot”.



A part of your team

An extraordinary range of safety footwear for every work environment, Paredes is a part of your team. Among the footwear we admired at the fair was Jeréz, the microfiber footwear with an EVA dual density sole made from nitrile rubber. Among its features are included a Compact® anti-perforation and non-metallic toe-cap and sole, a FreeLock fastening system, and reflective bands for working in the dark. The other choice, Rubidio, is part of the Dynamic line and features a striking design in crust with 3D mesh lateral inserts, along with a sole made from dual density polyurethane, and a Compact® anti-perforation and non-metallic toe-cap and sole. The perfect combination between resistance and comfort.



Protection and well-being

The thirty years of experience of Maspica Spa in the sector of technical injected footwear has given life to the Sixton project. In this project, the study of the anatomical conformation and biomechanics of the foot come together with a need for equilibrium, stability, and safety, while also satisfying the requirements of specific working environments and complying with EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards.

Sixton footwear is designed to accompany the gait of the wearer and ensure correct foot placement, while evenly distributing the weight of the body across the entire surface of the foot, thus ensuring with the protective toe-cap and anti-perforation midplate the complete well-being of the wearer in accordance with European safety standards.


Timberland Pro

From the woods to every professional sector

From its high-end footwear for “woodsmen”, a genuine phenomenon of the Eighties that is still fashionable today, Timberland has launched a new segment of professional footwear based on four key elements: tradition, durability, innovation, and comfort. An example? The Powertrain Mens MD model presented at the fair: footwear with a sporty look, which is soft, breathable, and wraps around the ankle. It is fitted with an anti-perforation toe-cap and sole, an insole with anti-fatigue technology, an external sole in BASF® polyurethane imitation rubber, while offering resistance to oils, slipping, and abrasion, with ESP protection.  Suitable for the logistics industry, on difficult and dry terrain, in antistatic environments and for the transportation industry.



J-Hop uses High Rebound technology

The new J-Hop line improves on-the-job comfort, while maintaining all the characteristics of protection and safety. It is based on innovative High Rebound technology in elastopan, developed by the BASF group, worldwide leader in the field of chemicals: High Rebound allows for an energy return of over 40%, is regenerative, and ensures extraordinary performance. Flexible and lightweight, High Rebound is the base that supports the entire sole of the foot, conveying lightness and comfort, while reducing the feeling of fatigue. The memory foam insole inside the footwear takes on the shape of the foot, ensuring cushioning, shock-absorption, and comfort.



Safety with an eye to style

Brand of reference in the Over Teak Srl portfolio, it is also a leader in the safety footwear market. The Uniwork range of proposals for the work world presented at the fair is genuinely vast and includes footwear with soles, insoles, toe-caps, and devices aimed at protecting the foot in the harshest working environments. Together with safety, other parameters are adopted to guarantee the comfort and health of the foot, while relieving fatigue and ensuring a correct posture. Finally, there is an attentive focus on the style that completes the Uniwork proposal.



One step forward in search of comfort

From machines for various outdoor sectors to apparel and safety footwear, Caterpillar uses its long-time experience in the work world to present safety footwear that exquisitely combines safety, comfort, and style. The style is lively and ranges from working booties to Oxfords and sneakers, which mount all safety devices, including anti-crush toe-caps and soles, insoles for increasing comfort and stability, safety fastenings, etc…. always one step ahead in the pursuit of comfort and safety.



Safety reinterpreted in a fashion key

It was the first brand of safety footwear to introduce the fashion concept in its lines of safety shoes so it’s no coincidence that it’s the preferred safety brand of women today. Dike proposes its innovations by once again focusing on style and comfort in accordance with safety standards, as can be seen by Glider and Lady D pictured here: with an anti-perforation steel toe-cap, reinforcement in the heel area, and anti-slip sole… every device is reinterpreted as a fashion element, leading to the creation of a shoe that is a pleasure to show off, while offering comfort throughout the day.



From trekking to safety

From the trekking to the safety world: Grisport has capably transmitted its expertise to the world of safety, presenting lines of footwear suitable for a wide variety of uses. Two examples of this? One is Cross Safety, which is ultralight, waterproof, has an excellent grip, and is fitted with materials and technologies that make it one-of-a-kind. It also has a sporty design and offers a comfort that makes it a pleasure to wear all day long. With an upper that is resistant to tearing and abrasion, it is highly breathable thanks to 3D Air technology, and its Total Grip rubber sole ensures maximum resistance on slippery surfaces.

Bionic, instead, has an innovative design and ergonomic shape so that it can be adapted to every foot type, while enveloping the feet in complete comfort, lightness and with a precise fit.



100% Made in Italy proposal

For more than twenty years, in the safety apparel-footwear industries, Kappa has been proposing tested and approved products that are 100% Made in Italy. Its proposals combine a sporty look with safety, comfort, and lightness. This is the case of Kappa S1P SRC pictured here: with a lightweight suede leather upper, it features an ultralight fiberglass toe-cap, non-metallic zero-perforation midplate, a thermoformed arch support, antibacterial and absorbent properties, and a dual density antistatic PU sole, with a tread that offers the very best grip.


Lotto Work

Hit Line safety with a sporty look

Great teamwork has led to the creation of footwear that offers maximum safety and absolute comfort: Lotto Works is a one-of-a-kind footwear collection with a sporty Made in Italy look and a design studied to prevent every kind of accident. At the fair, the focus was on research onto innovative materials and the use of advanced construction technologies, backed by a complete understanding of the sports sector thanks to more than 40 years of working in the field, thus guaranteeing the creation of safe, comfortable, and lightweight footwear. This is true of the new Lotto Hit Line, which ensures the very best fit, heel control, quality, durability, and flexibility, thanks to the dual density sole and super-fast grip made possible by the linear design of the tread.



Tradition and cutting-edge

With thirty years of tradition behind it, alongside innovative materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies in its shoes, Bicap safety footwear becomes the ideal accessory for on-the-job safety. At the same time, these special features allow it to diversify its offering, which was a protagonist at the fair, so that its range is suitable for all professional sectors. A versatility that allows it to be used in outdoor environments like construction or the petroleum industry, as well as in indoor areas or workplaces requiring hygienic conditions. Thanks to its efforts, the company has acquired ISO 9001 certification for the qualitative management standards of its 5BI Shoes Company, and ISO 14001 certification for its compliance with environmental standards.



A must for outdoor use

This Made in Italy brand of safety footwear offers certified products for the protection and well-being of the foot. Cutting-edge in terms of technology and comfort, it ensures protection from every risk connected to a wide array of different work activities. Attentive to ethical issues as well as to design, technology, and innovation, Giasco offers a quality product: among the innovations presented at the fair were boots and shoes for outdoor use and the rain, with an orthopaedic insole compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards. Special attention is reserved for the feet of outdoor workers.