The “Calzaturificio F.T.G. di Trevisan” was founded in 1959 by Giuseppe Trevisan in Grancona, a small town located in the province of Vicenza in Northern Italy. The initials stand for Fratelli Trevisan Grancona [Brothers Trevisan Grancona], a family name and manufacturing facility that has gone beyond the production of safety footwear to include innovation, tradition and Italian quality in its products. Today, after 60 years of activity, FTG SAFETY SHOES is a renowned reality that exports around the world, while directly producing and selling its own products. A reality that has established itself thanks to attentive research onto the very best and most innovative raw materials, together with know-how acquired in its decades of experience, making FTG products extremely resistant and high performance, while guaranteeing the user elevated levels of comfort. Fruit of the research and professionalism of this Vicenza-based company are also two new occupational footwear models HALIFAX 2 and SENTRY 2, both S3 SRC and ESD certified and completely Metal-Free. In these two models, special attention has been dedicated to comfort, thanks to the upper made from Nubuck leather with High Tex inserts, offering a pleasant fit and maximum flexibility during use even in the harshest working conditions.

Halifax 2
Sentry 2