Different elements have determined not only the success of the Sella model, which today is proposed in the brand-new colour of sand, but also the other models of this line, conveying lightness and comfort, while guaranteeing an absence of metallic parts with a fabric anti-puncture insole, while the perforated split leather upper is ideal for those individuals working indoors or in hot and humid areas. It is also a footwear model developed in accordance with UNE EN ISO 20345 safety standards.  

The comfort, lightness, and flexibility are guaranteed in particular by the two-density polyurethane sole, which provides optimal cushioning by absorbing shock energy in the heel area when walking, helping to avoid eventual injuries to the lower body such as the ankles, knees, and hips. This makes it a model especially appreciated by workers having to work many hours on their feet.

Like all FAL Seguridad footwear, it is a model that is especially attentive to safety, which is guaranteed by the dual-density polyurethane sole capable of satisfying current regulations in force, including slip resistance on shingles/tiles as well as on steel surfaces (SRC). The non-metallic toecap in plastic can withstand impacts of up to 200 Joules, equivalent to the vertical drop of a 20 kg mass from one metre high, and it also supports 15 kN compression. Since it is non-metallic, it is also very lightweight and ergonomic, and this is emphasised by the anti-perforation fabric insole made from multiple layers of high tenacity fibres. It is the perfect mix of comfort and protection. Completing the model is the thermoformed polyurethane insole with textile covering that includes a lower layer in foamed polyurethane and an upper layer in polyester fabric resistant to abrasion. This model also features a thicker padded area in the most strategic zones, allowing for shock-absorption from impacts, while conveying greater general comfort. Finally, it is ESD certified, helping to protect against electrostatic accumulation, and it is ideal for industrial sector workers who work with electronic devices.