Sheared hooks are produced using technologically advanced presses with a use of iron, brass, copper and inox, to guarantee a high-quality production, reliability, and consistent product quality.

At the same time, tumbling and washing cycles, featuring state-of-the-art solutions with a low environmental impact, allow for the creation of a product, which once it has undergone galvanic processing, results in a high-quality look. Partnerships cemented with suppliers has allowed the company to make use of external galvanic baths that guarantee compliance with REACH safety standards, while satisfying the increasingly complex and rapid evolutions of the market.

The application of these hooks around the world with an extremely tight dimensional tolerance sees a special appreciation reserved for the quality of Tecno Minuterie’s products, also thanks to their uniform measurements and the removal of external bodies after galvanic finishing, so machine downtime caused by jamming is avoided.  

The company has decided to revamp its organisation and set-up with the aim of reducing the time needed to satisfy customer orders. To this end, it has created two separate headquarters, one for production and one for logistics, with the aim of increasing the productive machine pool in its historic headquarters, and as a result, in the new logistics location hosting the warehouse and offices, increase the space dedicated to goods available for immediately delivery, in countertrend to the market’s current system of made-to-order.