Vibram Vi-Lite Pro is the new Vibram compound dedicated to Work and Safety, ideal for professional footwear. Inspired by the lightness and comfort of the Vibram Vi-Lite compound, already extremely popular in the lifestyle world, Vibram Vi-Lite Pro was adapted to the needs of workers to offer an innovative combination of comfort and lightness, together with the grip and reliability of the most evolved Vibram soles. It is in fact antistatic and complies with EN / ISO 20345-7 safety requirements for slip-resistance on oily and wet surfaces. The Vibram Vi-Lite Pro compound is capable of offering excellent performance in terms of grip and durability, and unlike other professional solutions, it is lighter and allows for maximum comfort thanks to improved cushioning when compared to standard EVA.


The Vibram Active 69 sole is made from a Vibram Vi – Lite Pro compound. Thanks to the special features of this Vibram rubber foam, the sole is extremely lightweight and especially suited to use where a higher degree of comfort for the footwear is required (for example, in the case of housepainters, carpenters, electricians, etc.). The design of the tread presents three different kinds of lugs: the sole’s largest area of contact is optimised by the grip with a diamond-point pattern, the wide side lugs ensure greater stability also on oily or wet surfaces, and the trapezoidal central lugs improve traction and the sole’s self-cleaning properties.

Among the new products for the safety world is also Vibram Arctic Grip Pro, a technology destined for the professional world, which is designed to be grip-fast on wet ice, thanks to the use of a unique only-rubber polymer blend.

Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology combined with a Vibram compound specially developed for the industrial segment and fine-tuned for durability and resistance to oils, contribute to making this sole extremely high performance in industrial winter environments, at temperatures as low as -40°C and in the presence of slippery surfaces like wet ice.

Sector brand leaders like Sixton Peak, Solid Gear, Ejendals, Engelbert Strauss and Grisport are already using this technology, which complies with European and United States safety standards in terms of workplace safety.