Italsaplast designs moulds after having carefully studied the specific needs of each customer, identifying the best materials for every kind of process (TPU, TPE, TR, and PVC) in order to ensure Made in Italy quality and safety and the subsequent full satisfaction of the customer. A fine balance between family tradition and generational changeover in the company has allowed it to technically renew itself, updating production processes and creating different kinds of products. Last, but not least, Italsaplast has extremely rapid production times and a wide variety of processes to choose from: from the moulding of soles and technical components, all the way up to the creation of products destined for the fashion and luxury sector. Next to the quality of its products and complete customer satisfaction, the company from Treviso has always been extremely attentive to environmental issues, with a strong focus on upcycling, or rather the functional recycling of unused materials and products, giving them new life thanks to an internal granulator mill.

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