Over the years, this company has made quality and efficiency it’s very own calling card, combining reduced energy consumption with high productivity, through the constant development of applied electric/oil-hydraulic systems, resulting in lower costs in the finished product for the end customer. These values are at the heart of the innovative design of a series of WLX injection machines for the production of boots in thermoplastic materials, which are equipped, like the entire range of Wintech machines, with a hydraulic system managed by SERVOMOTORS at a variable speed controlled by inverter, thereby offering multiple advantages. First, there is a dramatic drop in energy consumption, arriving at -60% in machines for thermoplastic boots, and this is thanks to the fact that the energy is requested in an intelligent way and only when it is really necessary. This technology also offers a simplification of the hydraulic system, with the elimination of the proportional valves, the variable-speed driven pumps and a significant reduction of tank value by 50%, which is joined by a greater lifespan of the pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and seals, thanks to the lower temperature of the oil circulating: all aspects that lead to a clear reduction in ordinary costs and in the extraordinary maintenance of the machine staring from the first period of use. Other benefits include noise reduction of the hydraulic unit, with an absence of noise during pauses in the machine’s cycle and an acceptable noise level while operating, while at the same time generating less heat, thanks to the low temperature of the oil in the circuit.  Not to be forgotten is that the high data efficiency of the servomotori is the result not only of ad hoc technological hardware, but also of an attentive assessment of the ways it can be applied to the company’s machines and a careful study of the dynamics of hydraulic flow rate, in what is a perfect expression of know-how that only a company that understands and produces machinery can have, which is always advantageous even in cases of revamping.


WLX thermoplastic boots
Servomotori unit
Rapid change mould holder 
Boot remover robot